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Besides being the composer of songs which have become hits all over the world, Mario Clavell is a showman who has captivated European and American audiences with his many talents.

Since the day he started singing his own songs in his native Argentina, Clavell´s career has been a long chain of triumphs. Movies, radio, records and television opened up new markets and made him internationally known. In Uruguay and Peru he was voted the Best Showman on Television. He also performed in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, México, Puerto Rico and Spain.- In 1969 he was hired in Madrid to broadcast his personal radio-show for six months, and his big success made him stay in Cadena Ser during four years, sharing his work with frecuent participations in the best shows in TV and performing in the most important night-clubs of Spain. Finally he produced and acted in a very successful "cafe-concert" show, with music of his own, and also wrote the score and songs for a "musical": "El Oso y el Madrileño", with script by the famous Spanish writer Antonio Mingote.

Recently, Mario Clavell has performed for numerous latin-american audiences in Miami (USA), where his "boleros" have always been very popular through the recordings of the most important singers and orchestras. In 1995 he deserved a significant distinction: Miami´s Dade Major proclaimed the day July 5 as "El Día de Mario Clavell" (Mario Clavell´s Day).

At present he is staging his ONE-MAN SHOW, very much alive and stirring in his music.

Among his most famous songs are: "Mi Carta" (My Letter), "Qué será de mí" (What will become of me?), "Hasta siempre!" (Until forever), "SOMOS" (We are), "Abrázame así" (So close in my arms), "Quisiera ser" (I´d like to be), "El amor es uno" (Love is only once), "Te acordarás de mí" (You will remember me), "Y la vida va!" (And life goes on), "Algo se va" (Something is gone), etc.

Mario Clavell is above all a great performer. His show in three languages (English, French, Spanish) has made him immensely popular. He is also a magnificent guitar player.

By Alfred D. Herger

The fact that Mario Clavell is a recognized vocalist in Latin- America was known before he began a two-week stint at the beautiful Club La Concha last Monday. But what few persons in the audience realized is that he is also famous as the composer of many Latin standars that have been popular for many, many years. "Much of Clavell´s show is devoted to singing his own compositions, and he proves conclusively that no one can sing a song like the man "who wrote it!"


Billed as The Chansonnier of the Americas, Clavell opens his shows with Somos; then he moves on to another of his own songs, Abrázame así, which he sings in Italian, French , Spanish and German while adapting it to the national rythms of each country.

"Quisiera ser", another Clavell´s composition, has been sung by every Latin American singer past and present, but never with the feeling and phrasing given to it by Mario. A medley of French tunes follows, with Clavell exhibiting faultless French and superb   stage presence. A transition is smoothly executed to a more humorous semi-authentic flamenco that had the opening night audience, divided between conventioneers and Sanjuaneros, clapping hands and shouting Ole!.

 Encore numbers included the ballad of Giuseppe, the Organ Grinder, one of the most touching of the evening, and a riotous musical satire on John Smith, Sales Representative of The Standard Cheese and Bread...and Company.

 Clavell is a veteran performer who can charm any audience, but those who love and appreciate the finest in Latin love ballads will be doubly anxious to hear him.


The Buenos Aires Herald

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